NEW! 12-Print Album Block


A new way to hold and display multiple images anywhere!  A solid block of beech wood with a sanded surface and machined curves holds SIX 5"x7" photo cards that are printed on both sides for a total of 12 different images!  They are sturdy, round-cornered, and printed with a lustre finish - all to encourage you to touch, view, and share your images without worrying about wear or smudges!  A great gift for any pet lover to receive - or keep for themselves!

The price of the Album Block includes shipping. 

After purchasing the Album Block, you will need to create a new favorites list containing 12 different images from your FINAL images gallery to make up your album.  Images can be in portrait or landscape orientation or a mix of both (simply rotate the stack to display as needed).  Please name your favorites list Album Block or something that distinguishes it from any other Favorites list you've created.

Note that this product does not provide a preview function.  However, be assured that I review each order before submitting it, and I will ensure that all selected images are properly cropped prior to submitting your order, or have you choose a different image if it cannot be cropped to a 5x7 size.  

Album blocks are shipped separately from prints/wall art.  Shipping is approximately 8-12 business days from time order is received.

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