Acrylic Print

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Product Details:  This product is ready to display and features a specially designed mount frame that allows your photography to "float" off of the wall.  Its superb image quality is a natural conversation starter.

Note:  The triangular shading on the sample prints are just a simulation of how the print finish will appear when the print is viewed from the side.  This will not appear on your actual print, the entire print will have a high gloss and will look stunning!

1.6” Depth

Finished Backing

Printed on ¼” Acrylic

Second Surface Printing

Rounded Edges

Q. What is Second Surface Printing?

A. The ink is printed on the back of the acrylic. This allows you to look through the clear material itself and onto the print. This gives the overall look a glossy finish with a depth that standard surface (printed on the front of the acrylic) doesn’t provide. Since the print is on the back of the acrylic, it also is better protected.

Note that previews are not available in the store of this product using your image but we can provide them on request!  To make sure your acrylic print is created to look exactly as your image, be sure to order the correct size according to the crop ratio.  (View this information for assistance:  Print size by crop ratio )  We can also assist you if necessary!

We will review your order prior to submitting it to the print lab and will help make sure you'll be 100% happy with your beautiful acrylic print!

Production of your acrylic print takes 3 business days. Standard shipping will take an estimated 3-5 days; this product is shipped separately from prints, which may use a different shipping method.

Acrylic Print

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